20 January 2022

Following the numerous problems that emerged during the first months of use of the STED, the electronic register of pleasure boats underwent some modifications and improvements during the month of January; others will be applied during the first quarter of 2022.

The news

From 19 January, the first IT update provides for the simplification of the correction of incorrect data that can be done directly from the portal. Previously, the data already entered could not be corrected directly in the system, but it was necessary to ask the technical assistance or to start the file from scratch.
A second IT update is in preparation and will arrive next quarter 2022, with the aim of allowing parallel operations on the same file, for example, the transition from paper to digital together with the change of ownership.
In the second quarter of 2022, 5 new resources will enter the UCON, the Central Conservatory Office which validates all registry practices. UCON will have the possibility of modifying and canceling all practices, including those of transfer from paper records
A new "recreational craft search" function allows STED operators to view technical data of the vessels and subjects present in the paper records, for which there is not yet a validated STED practice.
From today on the Administration website, in the maritime transport section, the list of STEDs authorized in Italy has been published

The updating of the register, both from the technical-IT side and from the logistic-procedural side, seems to resolve some critical issues, underlining the intent of all the entities involved, Capitanerie, UNASCA, Confindustria Nautica to provide a better service to boaters

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