P.i. Maurizio D'Angelo

Owner of DECISO.IT responsible for Bandieraok.it

"navigare necesse est, vivere non necesse est"

Industrial electronics expert who has always been passionate about boating and sailing in particular, founding partner in 2000 of Start 2000 S.r.l. company specializing in the supply of internet services for companies.

In 2005 he took part in the creation of the NAVIS.IT portal which soon established itself as a point of reference on the net for yachtsmen, brokers and nautical operators.

Active at the Lega Navale Italiana section of Grado, he organizes events and demonstrations with the aim of spreading seafaring culture, love for the sea and navigation.

Avv. Ettore Romagnoli - Rear Admiral (CP) r

Legal adviser on maritime law

"Velle non discitur"

Expert in Maritime Law, graduated in law with honors from the University of Rome, in the same year winner of the competition for Graduated Officers of the Harbor Offices, he obtained the qualification to practice as a Lawyer in the first session in April 1983.
He carried out academic activity as a subject expert and assistant at the tax and commercial law chairs in Trieste and then as an adjunct professor of Environmental Law and pleasure boating law at the pleasure boating school.
He has held numerous professional courses in the legal field and is the author of two monographs, one on the Artisan enterprise for the types of Giappichelli and the other on the Nautical Code published by the C.C.I.A. of Trieste. He is the author of various entries on the legal Treccani, a treatise on administrative sanctions by Giappichelli and a short treatise on maritime law Giuffrè. He has published countless articles on Maritime Law of Genoa, Transport of Trieste, Taxes, Bankruptcy Law etc.
In the Capitanerie he held numerous legal positions with the defense in court of the administration, he was commander of the port of Grado and head of the Maritime Management office of Trieste. In the rank of Captain of Vessel he performed the role of legal adviser for maritime and naval affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2016, she obtained early placement as an auxiliary and has been practicing the profession of lawyer ever since.
In addition to having been a naval registrar for over 20 years, the president of countless marine casualty inquiries and of examination commissions for maritime professional titles, nautical licenses and marine brokers, he has been CTU in civil and criminal proceedings for the maritime sector and arbitrator in maritime cases.

He curates the reviews "Nautica replies" and "Navigando tra le norma" for the Nautica magazine and has been a member of the Italian Maritime Law Association.

More info on marilegal.webnode.it

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