immatricolazione bandiera maltese

With this flag registration it is possible to obtain a provisional registration valid for 6 months within 5 days, if the documentation presented is correct.
This provisional registration can be used worldwide pending the permanent registration.

Anyone can own a yacht under the Maltese flag, and EU, EEA and Swiss citizens can keep the yacht under their personal name.
Non-EU citizens will need to register their yacht through a Maltese company.
There is no requirement that the owner of the yacht reside in Malta or even in the EU. The owner's place of residence is not decisive.

How long does it take to register under the Maltese flag?
If all documentation is provided, it will take approximately 2/3 days to receive the provisional certificate.

Which boats can be registered in the Maltese register?
Boats must be 6 m or more in length; under the age of 25 (although exemptions can be obtained on request)

Are there security visits?
If the boat is used for commercial use yes, if used for recreational use no.

What are the benefits of flying the Maltese flag?
Internationally recognized and reputable shipping register. European flag with a long maritime tradition
In just 2/3 days you will receive the provisional registration certificate so that you can start browsing already. Weddings can be officiated on board Maltese vessels.

What are my obligations under the Maltese flag?
Display the Maltese national flag
Display the courtesy flag of the country in which you are browsing
Put the name of your boat and home port in letters on the back of the boat or on the sides if there is no space
The Maltese flag register must be renewed every 1 year
Be up to date with your tax payments (VAT, local taxes, etc.)
All local maritime regulations, speeds, sailing areas etc still apply.

immatricolazione di bandiera Maltese barcaIs VAT required to be paid to register a boat under the Maltese register?
Yes, VAT is a European tax and sailing under a different flag does not exempt you from paying VAT, in fact proof of VAT payment is required to apply for Maltese registration. when buying a new boat this should be shown on the bill of sale, if buying second hand the VAT should have been paid by the previous owner. Request proof of this VAT payment when purchasing the boat.

List of documents required to register the Maltese flag

  1. Copy of identity card or passport of the owner(s).
    If the boat is owned by a company:
    - chamber of commerce registration of the company;
    - identity document of the legal representative.
  2. Document of ownership - "Bill of sale" (even on plain paper) or purchase invoice
  3. In case of a previous register: copy of the cancellation document, an extract from the direct debit and a copy of the old licence
  4. If the boat was built after 6/17/1998:
    - CE marking certificate
    - a photo of the CE plate
    - a photo of the serial CE marking on the hull
  5. Power declaration of inboard, sterndrive or sterndrive engines
  6. photos of the engine plates / engines.
  7. If the vessel exceeds 14 meters one of the following measurement documents, CE certificate, builder's certificate, measurement certificate, safety survey report or yacht manual etc. is required.

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