There are two fundamental insurance protections for your boat, both motor and sailing, or for your yacht:

  insurance policy "RC"

Third party liability insurance, which is required by law for registered boats and vessels, including sailboats that have an auxiliary engine.
The other ancillary guarantees, useful in the event of breakdown or need for rescue, require the activation of a specific policy.
In the case of a vessel (boat with a length equal to or less than 10 m) the serial number of the engine (or engines) is used to identify the policy, in the case of boats or vessels that have a flag registration (Italian or foreign) it is used the registration number.

  insurance policy "CORPI"

It is a policy for damages that the boat could suffer. This protection is known as the "Policy Hulls" for pleasure boats".
It is the equivalent of the "Kasko" policy provided for cars or a protection that covers material and direct damages that can affect boats while navigating and/or stored in water or on land.
This protection is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended.
Insurance companies usually require an appraisal for older boats where there is an estimate of the value of the boat on whose value the annual premium is based.



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