STED, Sportello Telematico del Diportista

The S.Te.D., Telematic Helpdesk for the Italian boater was born with the Legislative Decree November 3, 2017, n. 229 (G.U. n. 23 of 29.1.2018) the revision and integration of the legislative decree 18 July 2005, n. 171, containing the recreational boating code and implementation of directive 2003/44/EC, in accordance with article 6 of the law of 8 July 2003, n. 172, in implementation of article 1 of the law of 7 October 2015, n. 167.

Born with the aim of streamlining the bureaucracy in the nautical sector, the STeD, the Sportello Telematico del diportista (Sportello Telematico del diportista) is the reference point for nautical users in Italy.

Specifically, the "Central Telematic System for Pleasure Boating" (SISTE) and the "Telematic Sportello del Diportista" are set up in the Transport Department. The first to collect and store unit data, the second to interact with citizens.


download the VAMECUM STED ver. 01/2021

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